Fisher™ 67C Series Instrument Supply Regulators

The 67C Series regulators are typically used to provide constantly controlled, reduced pressures to pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controllers and other instruments. These direct-operated regulators are suitable for most air or gas applications. Other applications include providing reduced pressures to air chucks, air jets and spray guns.


Body Size and End Connection Style 1/4 NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure (Body Rating) All models except Types 67CS and 67CSR: 250 psig / 17.2 bar
Types 67CS and 67CSR: 400 psig / 27.6 bar
Maximum Emergency Outlet Pressure 50 psi / 3.4 bar over outlet pressure setting
Pressure Registration Internal
Temperature Capabilities NBR: -40 to 180°F / -40 to 82°C
FKM: 0 to 300°F / -18 to 149°C
Silicone (VMQ) Diaphragm and Low Temp bolting: -60 to 180°F / -51 to 82°C
Approximate Weights 67C, 67CR, 67CF and 67CFR: 1 Pound / 0.5 kg
67CS and 67CSR: 2.5 Pounds / 1.1 kg
67CFS and 67CFSR: 4 Pounds / 1.8 kg


  • Wide pressure range capability with single regulator
  • Types 133L, and 133H suitable for monitoring applications
  • Excellent shock characteristics and fast speed of response
  • Bubble-tight shutoff
  • Spring and diaphragm effects minimized
  • No seat-to-seat adjustment required
  • Easy access to trim parts
  • Steel Body Available