Optimized control solutions for safe and effective gas compression
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The movement of large volumes of gas requires the installation of compressors to increase pressure by reducing volume.

It may come in the form of a reciprocating or screw turbine featuring an electric drive or combustion engine. During this phase, liquids may be eliminated or carried along with the gas to the final destination for processing. Natural gas compressors must be capable of handling expected volumes safely and without disrupting other activities, but unexpected variations can cause surges, starvation, or, in severe cases, a gas flow reversal that can damage the machine and create a safety hazard.

Our team provides customized solutions to help you optimize your natural gas compressor’s operation and performance.

With Emerson’s automated control systems and instrumentation for compressing natural gas, your operation can safely avoid hazardous situations by effectively recycling or diverting excess gas under high-pressure conditions.

Increase site safety

Improve site reliability

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