Ensure safe and optimal performance of your alkylation unit
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Detect alkylation unit problems before they escalate into safety and environmental incidents.

Alkylation, the conversion of isobutene and alkenes (primarily propane and butane) into a gasoline component, requires precise control of the catalyst, Sulphuric Acid Alkylation Unit (SAAU) or Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Unit (HFAU).  Fluid catalytic cracking is a critical conversion process dependent on accurate flow rate and pressure control for the production of the desired gasoline, alkene gases, and other products.  Equipment and products durable for inhospitable and corrosive conditions are paramount to maintaining safety and environmental criteria.

We offer flow and pressure control technologies that deliver the accuracy, reliability, and performance that ensures safe and optimal performance of an alkylation unit.

The superior performance of Monel® constructed Emerson FisherTM valves for accumulated acid and acid feed are further enhanced with our applied technology and solutions to prevent the accidental leakage of hydrofluoric acid.

Prevent environmental and health risks

Safeguard your assets


Ensure accuracy , reliability and performance