Optimize your Hydroprocessing refinery process
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Hydroprocessing has become an increasingly important refinery process.

Hydroprocessing in the refinery consists of hydrocracking and hydrotreating units that upgrade low value oil into cleaner, high value fuel products and reduce sulfur, nitrogren and aromatics in the hydrocarbon streams. With the growing demand for clean transportation fuels, flexibility in product yields, and a shift toward low sulfur diesel, hydroprocessing has become an increasingly important refinery process.

By recommending properly sized control valves and reliable temperature transmitters with advanced diagnostics, our experts enable enhanced insight into your processes and instrumentation.

Additionally, our top of the line technologies ensure proper control of reactor bed temperatures which lead to desired yield, increased catalyst life, and reduced temperature excursions.


Ensurely properly sized control valves


Gain enhanced insight into process and instrumentation

Achieve clean and high valuable products