Jeon SE Series Regulators

The SE Series spring loaded direct-operated regulator with full balance trim, can keep the accuracy in viable P1; larger outlet diameter brings more flow rate; it has an integral slam-shut valve, with OPSO and UPSO option for a safer process.


Inlet Pressure Range P1 0.02 ~ 0.4 MPa / 2.90 ~ 58.0 psi
Outlet Pressure Range P2 1.5 ~ 50 KPa / 0.22 ~ 7.25 psi
Accuracy Class (AC) Up to AC 5
Lockup Pressure Class (SG): Slam Shut Flow Up to SG 10


Accuracy Class (AG): Up to AG 5
Working Temperature (t) Nitrile (NBR) seat (standard): -20 ~ 60°C / -4 ~ 140°F

Flurocarbon (FKM) seat: -10 ~ 60°C / 14 ~ 140°F


· Modular design – The regulator is combined by actuator, trim, main valve and slam shut modules

· OPSO/UPSO – The slam shut is OPSO default. Use both OPSO and UPSO option for better safety.

· All of the regulator can choose slam shut status signal electricity remotely transferred (Anti-explosion: EEx d IIC T6) except Type RTZ-40/0.4SE – Can check the slam shut working condition in the monitor by remotely transferred

· Fast response, large flow rate – It’s suitable for the field that needs fast response, such as boiler; special design body can give more flow rate than same nominal diameter regulator

· Good Lockup Pressure Class, Bubble tight – Trim with self-aligning, can get good Lockup Pressure Class and bubble tight.

· Full balance trim, good accuracy – Full balance trim can avoid influence of P1, increase the accuracy

· Simple structure, convenient maintenance – All the modules can be pulled out, replaced or maintained in line except body