Ensure quick shutdown isolation in the event of an abnormal operating condition
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Block valves play an integral role in the safe operation of a pipeline by providing shutdown isolation in the event of an abnormal operating condition.

Selecting the correct valve for your operation is important to minimize downtime, facilitate maintenance or repairs without undue disruption to the operation, and provide emergency protection to the environment. Successfully procuring a manual valve or an automated valve assembly involves product selection, engineering, and execution which requires large work spaces with heavy lifting capabilities, multiple workstations with unique tools, and experienced technicians.

Our application engineers and specialists expertly specify and select the appropriate valve and actuator combination to fit even the most challenging Customer applications . We offer both a quarter turn and a linear gate valve solution to match your specifications.

Leverage our support to select the correct valve and actuation combination

Minimize downtime

Facilitate maintenance without disruption to operations

Protect the environment